Chipmunks, Bunnies, and Pollywogs… Oh My!

Chipmunks and bunnies are two of my favourite… shoe inserts! Cascade Dafo in Washington is one of Kids Physio’s trusty suppliers for shoe inserts. They carry multiple creatively-named models that are appropriate for different children depending on the shape of their foot and how much support they require. Their soft materials and detailed design make them comfortable for most children, and they certainly help improve the alignment of the whole body when fitted correctly.

When I was organizing this trip, I reached out to Cascade and asked if they might be willing to donate a few of their products for us to bring and use with children at Samuha. I was surprised with their enthusiastic response, saying that they would love to support our efforts. When we asked Kylie in the Business Development department to send us a quick pic of what they had gathered so far (as we wanted to post about their generosity on social media), they sent us this pic… whoa:donations

In mid-December, it was like an early Christmas when we received this massive box of shoe inserts! We were so excited and thought about how many of the children we could help with 2 photo 3

We opened our luggage and out tumbled over 50 pairs of inserts – the orthotist Muttana was overwhelmed with gratitude and expressed how impressed he was by the high quality light-weight materials that the Dafos were made of:

L to R: Andrea, Muttana, volunteer Liander, office manager Prakarippa, orthotist apprentice Mantesh

L to R: Andrea, Muttana, volunteer Liander, office manager Prakarippa, orthotist apprentice Mantesh

Yesterday we saw a child named Gousidappa, who has an undiagnosed disorder but presented with high tone in his limbs and low tone in his trunk. He also had moderate to severe pronation of his feet as he was apparently 14 years old (there’s no way, he must have been 8 or 9 max) and wasn’t walking independently so his foot muscles were very underdeveloped. We tried several options but finally found that the Chipmunk, a submalleolar model, provided what he needed to practice standing and stepping in a proper alignment.


IMG_5657 IMG_5656 IMG_5658

After trying a pair of chipmunks and asking the parents to buy shoes, he had a great improvement in his alignment! IMG_5416


Gousidappa pictured here with Physio student Danielle Boyd

IMG_5652 IMG_5651

So happy to be able to donate this pair of orthoses to this family!! Thanks so much Cascade! Check out for more info on these awesome products!

1 thought on “Chipmunks, Bunnies, and Pollywogs… Oh My!

  1. It’s a freezing cold morning here in Ferndale at Cascade Dafo BUT thanks to you, our hearts are warm. Thank you for sharing this post and these awesome photos — nothing makes us happier than seeing our products make a difference in the life of a kiddo. I’ll be sharing this with the rest of our employees.

    We’re following along on your journey through your blog — best wishes to you for safe travels!

    Jessica Spencer
    (Business Development & Education Resources at Cascade)


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