We Did It!

On Saturday, October 4th, Sarah and I were more than thrilled to wake up early and head to Richmond to hold our FIRST workshop! We teamed up with Kinesiologist Kelli Lawson, owner of Kinetic Potential, who hosted us and 11 smiling participants at her beautiful studio overlooking the greenery of East Richmond Nurseries.photo 1

We shared the morning with a wide variety of people – from an 11-year-old boy to a 64-year-old woman with a total knee replacement, and everyone in between!

We spent some time discussing what the TRUE core is, how it works, and how to activate it effortlessly. Following some individual and practical sessions, we challenged our participants to expand their movement repetoire with squatting mobility drills and creative brainstorming about postural transitions.

photo 8

photo 10

photo 11

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THANK YOU to all who came to the workshop, and especially to Kelli for hosting us –  we hope that you left with some newfound knowledge about your core and learned to appreciate the importance of moving… for life!