On the Road Again

adˈven(t)SHər, ədˈven(t)SHər/
  1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
Last fall, I was getting an itch for adventure and a desire to take on a new big project. After exploring several options, I decided to head back to the place that so heavily influenced my career and my life – Samuha Samarthya in India! It will certainly be an exciting (but hopefully not too hazardous!) experience, and undoubtedly the largest venture I have ever undertaken to date.
This will be my third volunteer trip there, and my role is evolving once more as I’ll be staying for 6 months. In 2011 I was a physio student, in 2014 my role as clinical preceptor allowed me to take another physio student, and in October 2015 – March 2016 I will be focusing on the education piece and working as a coordinator to help facilitate Samuha Samarthya’s growth.
The main goal of this trip is to improve Samuha Samarthya’s sustainability. We hope to contribute to this by:
  1. Improve the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) training manuals (which haven’t been updated in 20 years!)
  2. Hold theoretical and practical educational sessions for the CBR workers to improve and standardize the level of care being provided in the Early Intervention Centres, the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Unit, and other community outreach programs.
  3. Hold educational sessions for caregivers, school teachers, and other community members to maximize care and inclusion of people with disabilities in these rural communities.
  4. Increase efficiency of the organization by piloting and implementing new ventures such as a loan equipment program
  5. Teach the local CBR-Workers to be teachers, so they can continue to educate their colleagues and future newcomers to the field, and not rely on Canadian volunteers for education
  6. Raise awareness of Samuha Samarthya by facilitating Canadian volunteer experiences (physiotherapists and orthotists). There are a total of 17 other clinicians and students coming for 1-2 month stints throughout the project!
  7. Raise awareness for global health and create avenues for discussion about international volunteering in general, as I hope some of these volunteers may have the desire to contribute to other international projects. It is crucial to understand what type of volunteer work is beneficial for these types of NGOs, as we will be aiming to empower the local workers rather than doing the clinical work ourselves. We don’t want to parachute in, work, and leave, as that would leave the organization no different than when we found it.
Stay tuned over the coming months for updates on volunteer profiles, details fundraising events, and play-by-play action while we’re there. Thank you to everyone for your support so far!
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